The dos and don’ts of moving… with children

A home removal is always a rather stressful endeavour but things definitely get even more complicated when there are little kids in your family. The thing is that your children are much more likely to succumb to the stress and pressures of relocation, which is why you need to make all the necessary preparations in order to guarantee that they go through this important transition in life as smoothly as possible.

What you SHOULD do

There are several very important things that you have to make sure are part of your moving itinerary:

  • Listen to your kids. If they are having difficulty adjusting to the idea of moving homes, you should be there for them at all times. Several lengthy talks, even if they get angry or frustrated in the process, are not going to cost you anything, but they will greatly help your little ones to get used to the idea that you are there for them and things are not as scary as they seem.
  • Describe your new home to the kids and also tell them about the cool things you are all going to do together there. Point out the benefits of your new location in a manner that they will be able to understand, thus building up excitement about the removal, instead of worries.
  • Go an extra mile and make sure that your kids will stay connected to their friends. Losing touch is what scares them the most, you can trust us on that. Today it is much easier thanks to video messaging services like Skype.
  • Research what the attractions in your new neighbourhood and the vicinity are. Decide on which of those your kids will like to visit and proceed to planning day family trips to them in advance. Some of the trips you can keep a secret for a better effect, but give the little ones something to look forward to too.

Things to avoid

Children in the grassThe don’ts of moving with kids are just as important as the things you should make sure are present in the process. There are a couple of aspects of this concept that are particularly notable and should be mentioned at all cost:

  • Do not exclude your children from the removal. Remember, it is not only you, but your entire family that is relocating and your kids should be as involved as possible. Delegate responsibilities depending on their age and capabilities. If your children are old enough, you can even leave the task of packing their own stuff on their own. The important thing is that the more they feel that they are a part of the process, the less room there will be for stress.
  • Do not plan how their room(s) is going to look like. Letting them come up with the design and things they want in there will give them a great thing to look forward to. Naturally, do not let their imagination go too wild to avoid disappointment, but do what is necessary to fulfil their wishes too. It is just that simple and that hard at the same time, but it would be well worth it in the long run.