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Many people underestimate small scale moves and often opt not to hire a professional assistance. However, even when you need to move a modest quantity of items and furniture, you need to invest a decent amount of time in planning and organizing. Luckily, Londons Swifts is here to give you a hand by providing you with the most thorough small removals in London.

Enjoy reliable small removal services in London

As a vetted and licensed removal firm, we have a wide collection of professional moving vans, with which we can effectively carry out the transportation of personal possessions and furniture pieces in a speedy and hassle-free way. We can be hired for small scale moves of a varying nature including for the removal of:

  • Single’s room contents
  • Small-sized or home offices
  • Flats and studio apartments
  • A few items only
  • One-bedroom homes

Contact us and we will provide you with a customized quote. Our staff responds quickly to last-minute bookings and is trained in providing additional services like professional packing, secure storage, eco-friendly junk clearance and more.

Great coverage of our small removals

We are able to execute both house and office small moves to any point of the English capital. With plenty of experience under our belt, we have expanded our coverage particularly in Greater and South East London. Apart from local small scale removals, clients can also book us for nationwide and long-distance jobs. Regardless of which of these you choose, our prices are low and reasonable.

Leave everything in the hands of experienced movers

Small packageOur seasoned and qualified personnel take on serious every single project they are given, including small scale moves. They handle customers’ items with the utmost care and thoroughly pack and arrange them in our transit vehicles, so that they can arrive safely to their destination. The members of our team are:

  • Trained
  • Insured
  • Polite
  • Diligent
  • Motivated

That is why our clients rate them so highly in their reviews. The professional we employ will help you even if all you need is some guidance or a moving advice.

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