The Electric Cars are Upon Us – What Does This Change?

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and a number of other futuristic companies, has promised to change how we think about anything from driving our car to the less likely space travel. London has been a testing ground for many car brands in the past. Whether electric or regular, Porsches, Teslas, and BMWs have rode the streets of the city without a concern. With the advancement of electric cars, however, all businesses may need to adapt. It is not only the fact that people are now opting for electric vehicles, which do not emit noxious gases. A new breed of environmentally-conscious customers have appeared, and these people are less likely to book a BlaBlaCar or a man and van service to transport a few pieces of furniture, if there is even an inkling something foul may be going on. With this in mind, everything, from the regular man and van services to full removals and pizza delivery companies will have to reinvent their business model. That, or return the bike boys back. Whatever your line of business is, it will eventually go electric and green.

Deliveries and Home Removals – All Done Better with Green Solutions

Green solutions are quite handy and noteworthy. If you are operating a man and van service, then you may stand a good chance to need and revisit your business model. Small-run family businesses often get affected first, but getting ahead of the times and using renewable energy to press ahead could give you an edge over the competition.

Nissan Leaf - Electric CarIf you are on the customer end of the spectrum, you may appreciate that your man and van service is actually environmentally friendly and strives to minimize their footprint on the environment. However, one studies points out that because electrical vehicles are heavier, the particles they throw back in the atmosphere, mostly through tyre burn and worn out roads, is the same as gasoline cars, if not greater.

While there is merit to this argument, it is quite notable that electric vehicles will only become lighter as technologies to fix their batteries proliferate. By fix, we of course mean to say that they only need to be lighter, as they account for a substantial percentage of the vehicle’s weight nowadays.

So What Future for Man and Van?

Man and van services are the quintessential examples of London family-style of sorting out messes. Whatever your needs may be, ranging from moving in a new adobe or leaving an old quarters, you will be quite pleased with the consummate professionals that come to your door to help you with sorting out everything quickly & professionally.

In fact, most man and van services will even address your concerns about the environment. While no immediate measures could be taken on most occasions, knowing the customer’s opinion of how a business is run is also important and it makes all the difference to listen to your customer’s opinion rather than snub it.