Rubbish Removal In London

Home Rubbish Removal In London

Dealing with household or office rubbish is a real nuisance and usually takes time and effort. Instead of wasting time and getting frustrated with it all, use our licensed rubbish removals in London. The service is available to both private and business customers so whether you need to get rid of old furniture or redundant office electronics we can make it happen.

Removal and disposal of all sorts of waste

We are licensed and qualified to carry out the removal and disposal of all types of nonhazardous domestic and commercial waste, including but not limited to:

  • General household/office rubbish;
  • After builder’s/post renovation junk;
  • Leftover construction supplies (some types);
  • Garden refuse/green waste;
  • Redundant appliances & disused white goods;
  • WEEE;
  • Old furniture and home/office equipment;

Our commercial clients can also request a regular/fixed schedule rubbish removal service at very reasonable price. The frequency of removal and disposal visits depends entirely on customer preferences.

Safe waste removal practices, responsible means of disposal

Rubbish ClearanceIn order to cancel out the risk of personal injury or property damage during waste removal and disposal, we employ trained and experienced technicians. Our crews are equipped with all necessary tools and safety gear. We consider ourselves an environmentally aware business and as such we aim to reduce the amount of waste indiscriminately ending up in landfills. All recyclables are transported and deposited at specialised treatment stations/depots. Useful items and goods in decent working order are separated and made available to charities.

We are able to round up waste from anywhere on the property, including hard to reach spots like attics, basements, garden sheds. However we would need sufficient vehicle access to do this.

Affordable way to get rid of rubbish

In some cases getting rid of certain types of waste can be costly. Ours however, is a much cheaper and more affordable alternative as we only charge for junk actually removed. Customers are supplied with fair quotes and adequate pricing which corresponds to the specs of the job. No hidden fees. When dealing with large rubbish removal jobs, we might suggest a viewing and onsite quotation – these help us organise a better, more efficient removal service.

Our licensed rubbish removals are available to customers in London as separate service, or as part of any domestic or commercial property relocation we are dealing with. We can also arrange for full property clearances at very reasonable prices.

Waste removal and disposal services are open for booking seven days a week.

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