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We offer a specialised furniture collection and assembly service for new purchases and existing furniture pieces. We can organise for furniture to be collected from a customer specified location (private residence, factory, outlet, wholesaler etc.) and delivered anywhere nationwide within the shortest time possible.

Why the assembly?

Furniture movingIn many cases, new furniture comes in pieces (flat pack or other) thus it requires careful assembly. Assembly of furniture is available as part of every service or it can be requested separately. In certain instances, the safest way to shift furniture is in fact in pieces. This would require disassembly as well as reassembly on delivery – no problem, our qualified and skilled technicians are just as proficient in taking things apart as they are in putting them back together.

Extra packing – extra peace of mind

Safety and integrity of furniture in our care is always priority and in order to prevent damage we might have to perform additional packing and securing. In some cases, factory or store packaging is flimsy, insufficient or missing altogether – again this is something we can deal with through our u option available as part of every furniture collection/delivery. For extra protection during handling and transit packing is done using high durability materials.

Quick and safe transportation from A to B

London’s Swifts Removals ensure safe transportation and quick delivery of all furniture. Collection can be arranged for any day of the week, including bank holidays as long as the store/outlet where furniture is collected from is open for business. Transportation takes place in clean, well maintained vehicles of the appropriate size.

Our furniture collection and assembly in London is an affordable solution which provides good value for money. All transportation and assembly/disassembly work carried out by qualified and experienced technicians.

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