Pack Your Knives Like a Pro When Moving House

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack for a house move. It contains all types of packing challenges you can think of: fragile dishes, expensive small appliances and various sharp objects among which are knives. Even if you do not spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you probably own a set of different knives. Be extra careful when you prepare them for transportation. Otherwise, they may easily damage some of your other possessions. What is more, poorly packed knives can lead to terrible incidents during the relocation. That is namely why it is advisable to use an all-round packing service in London if you have a large collection of kitchen knives and no idea how to prepare them for a relocation. You prefer to handle this task alone? No, problem! We will give you a few professional tips on how you can pack all of your knives like a trained and vetted packer.

Packing materials you will need

Packing knives is not a joke. Therefore, you will need to use quality packing materials. They can be purchased from your local moving company. Their quantity will depend on the number of knives you will need to pack. The packing supplies you must have are:

  • Bubble wraps;
  • Packing paper;
  • Towels;
  • Tape;
  • Small moving boxes;

It should be noted that you do not need to purchase brand new towels. You can use old ones as long as they are thick enough.

Organise the knives in different groups

You should not pack all of your knives together. Instead, pack them in stacks. It is best if you organise your knives into three groups or stacks. The first should contain the biggest ones such as the butchers and carving knives. The second should include the mid-sized knives which you use to cut bread or meat. Last but not least, are the butter knives.

How to pack the knives

A kitchen knife setOnce you divide your knife collection into groups, you can start packing them. Take one of your knife stacks and wrap it in a towel. After that, wrap it with at least three layers of packing paper. Butchers knives can be extremely sharp. Therefore, you should start by wrapping their blades with a few layers of paper and only then can you wrap them together as a stack. Tape the packing paper to prevent it from opening. Next, add a layer of bubble wrap and tape it.

Knives should be packed in small moving boxes. That will not only make them easier to move but it will also reduce the risk of any potential incidents. Put some bubble wrap in the box for some extra protection and place the now-packed knives inside. Tape the box well and label it for sharp objects. The latter will let the movers know that they should handle these items with great vigilance.

Do not pack the knives together with other items. However, you can make an exception if you have only one knife. In that case, it can share the same cardboard box with other kitchen accessories such as flatware, sandwich spreaders or BBQ tools.