How to pack and move a mattress

Moving a mattress, regardless whether it is a king size or a cot bed one, is harder than it seems. There are many dos and don’ts which must be strictly followed. Otherwise, your mattress may:

  • Lose its shape
  • Get wet or dirty
  • Grow mould
  • Damage other items on the moving truck

But there is no room for despair because we will now shine a light on some important tips that will help you pack and move your mattress like a real professional.

Preparing the mattress for the move

MattressWe can’t stress this enough – failing to properly prepare your mattress will send you mattress shopping in no time. Before you pack and load it into the moving vehicle, you must be sure that it is completely dry. If it is not, it may grow mould or its fabrics may get damaged beyond repair. That is why it won’t hurt if you leave it under the sunlight for a little while just to let it breathe before you pack it. Also, do not forget to inspect the mattress for infestations like bed bugs or fleas, especially if you have stored it in the attic, for example. In case, you find that pests have gotten the best of it, you will have no other choice but to throw it away. If everything looks ok, take the bedding off the mattress and put in a mattress bag. If you don’t have any, you can easily get one from a company in London doing small removals or from a furniture store. Still, buy a bag that is sturdy and thick to prevent dust, dirt and water from getting inside of it and damaging the mattress.

If you are planning to leave the mattress in a storage facility, get a unit that is not only well-sanitised but also one that is temperature-controlled and properly ventilated. Store the mattress flat and do not leave anything on top of it. Nevertheless, here it should also be noted that storing that part of your bed for long periods of time is never a good idea since it will have a negative effect on its structure and fibres. Therefore, rent a storage room for a very short period of time.

Moving the mattress

Spring, memory foam or hybrid – whatever type of a mattress you are dealing with, do not bend it when you are moving it because that will surely damage it. Also, do not try to carry it all alone. Ask a friend to help you and carry it on its side because that will allow you to easily get it through doors.

Even if you have a large personal vehicle, use a moving van to transport your mattress. You can move it together with the rest of your furniture pieces or any other items you may have. However, it is important to load the mattress first on the truck and to secure it well with safety gear. If the trip is going to be short, you can put it on its side but never place other items on top of it.