Keeping Your Floors Unscratched During a Move

No matter whether you have hardwood, tile, carpet or laminate flooring, you can easily damage it during the moving process. There are many things that can spoil the condition of your floor or carpeting like:

  • Bulky home appliances and furniture;
  • Heavy footfall;
  • Dirty shoes;

That is why you must take some precautions and measures against these risk factors. That may sound like another tedious task on your already long list of relocation-related chores but, in most of the cases, you can easily take care of it.

Clean one day before you move

Both your furniture and flooring can scratch if your floors are covered with dirt particles. So, vacuum clean both your old and your new home. Also, wipe every single side of each of your furniture pieces. You can do that on the day prior the move or early in the morning of the big day.

Move heavy items carefully

Things like washing machines, sofas and beds are usually very heavy which is why you must not drag them on the floor when you move them. You will need to lift these items instead. If they are too heavy, either hire a team of trained domestic movers in London or use special moving equipment. The latter will give you a better grip and will allow you to easily carry a bulky furniture piece or a home appliance. Some of the tools you will need are a moving trolley, straps and furniture blankets and etc. You can also put padding or floor protectors and covers underneath the heaviest possessions you have.

Protect the floors against the heavy footfall

Movers with furnitureOn the moving day, people will constantly come and go. Even if the weather is dry, someone may still walk in with dirty shoes and mess your floors or carpets. So, have two teams of helpers – one that will work inside the house (doing the packing, labelling boxes, disassembling furniture) and a second one that which will move your items from the doorstep to the moving van. If you can’t afford to hire so many professional movers or if you can’t find so many friends and relatives to help you out, you can simply cover your flooring with old rugs, newspapers, plastic wraps and etc. An alternative solution would be to give everyone shoe covers which they can put on before they enter the house.

And what if you scratch the floor?

If, even after all the precautions, your floor does get scratched, don’t panic. Small scratches on hardwood floors can be easily covered with stain markers or with stain or finish. Latex wood floorings are also easy to repair. Just put a thin layer of varnish over the scratch and you are good to go.

Ultimately, however, you can always ask your qualified movers for tips on how to protect your floors and carpets on the moving day. If you use their assistance, they will certainly come prepared to your house, bringing furniture sliders, floor runners, moving dollies and various other types of professional equipment.