Little known facts about moving

Relocating from one place to another is much more complex than you know. Most people think that it is enough to gather their belongings, put them into cardboard boxes and haul them. While this may be an option it is more likely a formula for disaster as some of your belongings will get damaged or even lost along the way. Here are several facts which will prove to your that property removals are much more demanding tasks.

It is stressful

Numerous researches show that relocating is a highly stressful experience. It is like this because people are in a constant state of worry about various things such as the wellbeing of their possessions, their deadlines, the transportation of their belongings and so on. So, as soon as you decided that you are going to move, you should read on how to cope with stress and prepare yourself and more importantly your children about the pressure and anxiety that will come with relocating.

Moving is seasonal

There is a big difference between relocating during the summer and the winter, the weekend and mid-week. Studies show that summer and weekend removals are much more expensive and laborious while winter and mid-week moves are cheaper and less stressful. So, don’t just choose a date. Instead take the time to draft a relocation budget and choose a removal date in accordance with your personal agenda and financial limitations.

Cardboard boxes aren’t adequate protection

Small boxesMost people tend to use common cardboard boxes to pack their belongings because they are cheap and furthermore can be acquired for free from a local grocery store. The truth however is that they don’t provide the necessary levels of protection. This is why it would be for the best if you invest into proper shielding products such as:

  • Double layered cardboard boxes
  • Hardtop containers
  • Wooden crates
  • Furniture blankets
  • Wardrobe cartons
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cushioned pads
  • Glassware and mattress boxes

By using specialised packing supplies you will have the peace of mind that all your possessions will be thoroughly protected during your property removal.

Use man and van services

While it is certain that you can conduct your relocation on your own, it would be for the best to hire professional movers to handle the logistics and execution of your relocation. By deciding to work with properly equipped and seasoned professionals who provide high quality home or office removal services in London, you will have the comfort of knowing that your entire move will go without any complications and delays from start to end.

You have more stuff than you think

At any given moment in time, you have at least 100.000 objects within your household or place of work but you don’t realise it because it is proven that people turn attention only to their larger possession and neglect the fact that they have tiny items which when put together can form a large and heavy bundle of things that must be moved. This is why packing is considered by many to be the most labour intensive and time consuming stage of a relocation.